Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spring Cleaning Dread is Upon Us

The House is feeling kind of cluttered after Christmas:  Snow is coming and going, the birds are going to return soon.... It's about time to start thinking of Spring Cleaning. UGH. Well here's some pre-spring cleaning tips:

1: Turn your hangers around in your closet. If you turn your hangers around so they face towards you, once you wear something you turn the hanger back the normal way. Then by the time spring cleaning rolls around, you know which clothes you don't wear and can donate them.

2. Put worn shoes on the top shelf. If you place the ones you wear the most on the top shelf you'll know that the ones on the bottom you aren't going to wear.

3. Find a basket and put your makeup in it. It looks cute, accessible. But when you use something, put it back in your normal spot. After a month (hopefully a special occasion or two later) you'll see the stuff you don't use and throw it out.

4. Get a bin and put the kids toys in it. Same concept with the makeup basket. Let them play in it and have them put the toys they play with back in their regular spot. After a week, donate the unused toys in the bin.

5. Start checking expiration dates. Every time you use a condiment or make a trip to the pantry, check the expiration date of the thing you are using. If its good put it back on the shelf, if not, just throw it out. Also, clear off a shelf one by one, use Saran Wrap Press and Seal to cover the shelves after they're clean. That way if something spills simply rip it up and replace.

As for the Spring Cleaning itself, we have many ways to help you out: Check out our Printable House Cleaning Checklist for references on what you'll need to get done. Or want to have done. ;)

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps!



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