Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5 Benefits of Living in a Clean Home

1.      Sanitation- Sanitizing and cleaning your house with a disinfectant will help kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can hurt your health. Make sure to sanitize your kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and other surfaces that are frequently touched. This will help keep you and others healthy.

2.      Lower Risk of Injury- Keeping an organized and tidy house will help lower the risk of injury. Loose toys, shoes, and other things increase the risk of a fall. Make sure to look for things that could potentially cause injury and remove them or organize them for better flow of the home.

3.      Less Stress- The act of cleaning and having a clean home both reduces stress. Having a clean home makes things easier to find and maneuvering around the house easier. Things like sweeping, doing dishes, and making your bed help your house look and feel cleaner.  It makes you feel so much better during your day.

4.      Reduces Allergies- Many of our friends and family suffer from allergies. Keeping your house clean can help reduce allergies. Cleaning will help remove dust, pet dander and other potential allergens.

5.      Boosts Mood- Having a clean home can help boost your mood. Keeping up on the house can be challenging but in the end it makes you feel good to have a clean home. For example, when you finally want to wind down you won’t feel like you’re have a million things to do.

Keeping up on a home can be overwhelming.  If you need help call us 801-529-7172

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Top 5 questions to ask your Professional Housecleaner

Are you are shopping around for a cleaning company or person to come clean your home?   There are certain things you should know before letting a stranger into your home.  Here are the top 5 questions you should ask any professional or even your neighbor before letting someone into your home. 

1.  Are you Insured, Licensed and Bonded

                If you are shopping around for the best Cleaning Company, make sure they are covered by insurance.  The rate might be a little higher then hiring your neighbor.  But this also insures that if anything happens in the home such as an accident or damage you are not responsible for it.  If you bring in a neighbor and they get hurt your home owners insurance might not be happy to cover the cleaning lady.  If something gets damaged you are in charge of covering the cost.  A good cleaning company will have coverage for all the important items in your home.   

2.  Does the Company supply the Cleaning products

                As a professional cleaning company we bring all the needed supplies for the job.  We do know that some people have allergies or specific requests.  We always ask our clients what they prefer for products used.  Our most common supplies are green friendly.  One thing that we always ask is if the client has their own vacuum.  The vacuum is the most important tool that can spread germs quickly.  If we bring our vacuum, we make sure that it is cleaned out before each use.  We do not want to bring in some one else’s germs or dander.  Cleaning out a vacuum between each client is a huge perk with our company.  If you have your own vacuum, we also clean it out when we are done cleaning.  We want to make sure that your home stays clean and your vacuum stay’s nice and new as long as possible.  It is wise to make sure that the person cleaning your home brings in clean supplies. 

3.  How do I know my house is safe when you enter and leave the house

                Each employee of Home Comfort Care goes through a background check.  Our background check consists of fingerprints, drug test and even a driving record.  We want to make sure that each cleaner professional is just that a professional.  After the background and references come back clean, each cleaner goes through a training session.  We have training sessions and hands on to make sure that each cleaner is actually a true cleaning professional before sending them to your home. 
Each employee signs a Confidential Agreement as part of their employment with our company.  This insures that your personal information and home are safe with us.  We do not let any information outside of our office and cleaning professionals.  Your home is your safe haven and we treat each home with respect. 

4.  What can I expect with a basic cleaning vs. a deep cleaning?

                We customize each client with their own personal profile.  What does that mean?  We ask specific questions about your home and what specific things you would like done when we visit your home.  We then make a customized check off list for our cleaners so that they know what your expectations are with each clean.  We follow up with each cleaning to make sure that you are happy with each clean.  If anything changes or you want to add to your cleaning we can make adjustments.  We have a “Cleaning Checklist” on our website as well that shows the items you can choice from to add to your list.  Each home is different from each other and each client is unique.  We want to make sure that each clean is to the standards of the client.  We take pride in making each clean the best!  We are here to make your life comfortable. 

5.  What is your cancelation policy? 

                At Home Comfort Care we don’t do contracts like other companies.  We understand that sometimes life throws you curves you don’t expect.  We only ask that we are given a 24 hour notice so that we don’t send our cleaners to your home.  We like to make your life comfortable. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Benefits of In Home Care

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Benefits of In Home Care
By Home Comfort Care

Have you ever wondered what  the best way to care for a loved one who need assistance?  In home care is a great option for many people. In home care not only lets you keep the comforts of you own home, but it also gives you a peace of mind knowing who is caring for your loved one. Below I have listed some of the top reasons to choose in home care:

1.       Comfort is one of the best reasons to choose in home care for your loved one. Nothing beats being cared for in the comfort of your own home.
2.       Personalized care for your loved ones is important. Everyone has different needs that have to be met and in home care can be customized to fit those needs.
3.       Independence is an important thing for those who need care. They can change their schedule and do the things they enjoy with a helping hand.
4.       Safety of your loved one is very important. By choosing in home care you are eliminating risk such as hygiene problems, falling, and nutrition problems. You also know who is caring for your loved one. Instead of a stranger, you get to really know the person and what they are like. 
5.       Health is the key in living a long happy life. It is important for seniors to get to doctor appointment, have someone to talk to, and make sure they are getting all they need in order to keep their quality of life.
6.       One-on-one care lets the caregiver focus just on your loved one. They will be able to meet their needs faster and more efficiently. The one-on-one time also creates time for the caregiver to get to know your loved one.

In home care is really a great option for many. There are so many benefits from being cared for in your own home. We all want the best for the people we love. Let Home Comfort Care help your loved one today.  Check out testimonials on our website www.care-cleaning.com

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spring Cleaning Dread is Upon Us

The House is feeling kind of cluttered after Christmas:  Snow is coming and going, the birds are going to return soon.... It's about time to start thinking of Spring Cleaning. UGH. Well here's some pre-spring cleaning tips:

1: Turn your hangers around in your closet. If you turn your hangers around so they face towards you, once you wear something you turn the hanger back the normal way. Then by the time spring cleaning rolls around, you know which clothes you don't wear and can donate them.

2. Put worn shoes on the top shelf. If you place the ones you wear the most on the top shelf you'll know that the ones on the bottom you aren't going to wear.

3. Find a basket and put your makeup in it. It looks cute, accessible. But when you use something, put it back in your normal spot. After a month (hopefully a special occasion or two later) you'll see the stuff you don't use and throw it out.

4. Get a bin and put the kids toys in it. Same concept with the makeup basket. Let them play in it and have them put the toys they play with back in their regular spot. After a week, donate the unused toys in the bin.

5. Start checking expiration dates. Every time you use a condiment or make a trip to the pantry, check the expiration date of the thing you are using. If its good put it back on the shelf, if not, just throw it out. Also, clear off a shelf one by one, use Saran Wrap Press and Seal to cover the shelves after they're clean. That way if something spills simply rip it up and replace.

As for the Spring Cleaning itself, we have many ways to help you out: Check out our Printable House Cleaning Checklist for references on what you'll need to get done. Or want to have done. ;)

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Things to Expect When You Get a Cleaning From Home Comfort Care

Things to expect when you get a cleaning from Home Comfort Care

Cleaning from Home Comfort CareAre you finding that there are just not enough hours in a day to complete everything you need to do for your home? If you are debating about hiring a professional housekeeper but not sure if it’s right for you, contact us us today for a free estimate and we can customize a cost effective cleaning schedule based specifically to your or a loved one’s needs. Home Comfort Care in Utah has the housekeeping solutions that are right for you. We currently serve clients  from North Ogden to Draper and St George, Utah. Counties included are Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Washington counties.
We know that time is a precious, limited resource and there a lot of things that occupy our time throughout the day, such as:
  • An active family life
  • Being tied up at work
  • Having a senior parent who needs some extra help
  • Busy kid’s schedules
That’s why Home Comfort Care is dedicated to providing quality services that allows you to focus on the things that matter most.

At Home Comfort Care we take pride in the details of cleaning a home.

Call us at 801-529-7172 to start your house cleaning plan today!

Home Comfort Care is here to help make your life easier by utilizing our affordable professional cleaning services. Let us help you take advantage of the extra or free time you deserve at an affordable house cleaning price while helping you keep your house clean.
You can expect consistent and detail-oriented work when you get your home cleaning provided by Home Comfort Care professional house cleaning. Our trained staff has a house cleaning checklist to ensure nothing is missed every time we visit your home. Look and see what we can do for you.

Every Time Deep Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Washing all walls
  • Wipe doors and door handles
  • Light Fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Blinds and inside windows
  • Bathrooms:
    • all surfaces, sink, toilet, tub walls and floors
  • Kitchen:
    • all surfaces, counters, appliances,table and chairs,  walls and floors
  • Vacuuming all floors
  • Mopping:
    • all hard floors, tile, wood and laminate
  • Dusting:
    • all surfaces, tables, shelves knick-knacks
    • Let us make your house sparkle! Call 801-529-7172 today
Ask us about our organization services.care-cleaning.com

Friday, November 20, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Home Comfort Care as Your Caregiver

Home Comfort Care understands that not every household is going to want or need the exact same services. We can customize our services to meet your unique individual needs while you or your loved one stays in the comfort of their home. The top ten reasons to choose our caregiver’s and their specific qualifications are listed below to show you why we stand out and provide the best caregiver services along the Wasatch front in Utah. We currently serve Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Washington counties from North Ogden to Draper, and St George, Utah.

Contact us today 
by calling 801-529-7170 for a Free Estimate or to have a member of our staff guide you through the process of finding you the custom caregiver plan just right for you.

  1. We are insured and bonded with the state. The state follows strict guidelines to make sure we are highly qualified and trustworthy to care for the elderly and disabled.
  2. We match each caregiver to your loved one to make sure they get along and provide the care and companionship they need.
  3. We offer the family peace of mind that their loved one is being taken care of.
  4. We are an alternative to a care facility and can offer most care in the home day or night care.
  5. Our aides are trained to help with Showers, Meals, and Medication reminders to keep a loved one safe in their home.
  6. Our aides will also keep the house clean by doing the daily chores and laundry.
  7. We provide transportation services to Dr. Offices, hair apts. and grocery shopping.
  8. We are reliable offering the same caregiver with each visit.
  9. We are flexible with our schedule, we come when you want us to come.
  10. We have a real love for the care we provide and personalize our care to each client.
For more information, please visit our website at: care-cleaning.com

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Meet the Managers

Here at Home Comfort Care we love taking pride in our work and care about the people we are servicing throughout all of our different areas. We currently have branches up and running in Boise, ID, Garden City, UT, Wasatch Front, UT and St. George, UT. In order to help unify our areas (and partly just to take a relaxing weekend away from our kids ;) we recently took a manager's retreat to beautiful Garden City, UT.

Have you ever wondered who is the person behind the voice on the phone? Well, here we are! Meet our managers:
From Left to Right: Mimi Payne, Pamela Hatch, Carrie Hauck, Jenny Olds, Cristal Jones, Tiffany Thompson

Jenny Olds: As the owner of our company, Jenny is a Utah native and busy mother of three. She knows the demands of taking care of a home and taking care of loved ones who can't take care of themselves. Jenny attended the University of Utah where she earned her CNA degree. Jenny's experience with others began at the young age of twelve when her grandmother came to live with her and her family after becoming a quadriplegic in a devastating car accident. Jenny learned first hand the challenges her parents faced trying to meet her grandmother's needs. After some time, struggling with the day-to-day demands became too much for her family. They reluctantly put her in a rest home. Jenny developed a strong desire to continue helping others and help families in similar circumstances keeping their loved ones at home while still providing them with the care that they need. When Jenny is not in the office she loves to go camping, hiking, biking and exploring. She even finished her first Triathlon this fall!

Wasatch Front Managers: Carrie and Tiffany
Carrie Hauck: Davis County Office Manager Carrie is a 2013 graduate of Utah State University with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies emphasizing in Nutrition and Human Development. She also has a CNA license. Carrie developed a love for care-giving as she became the primary caregiver for her aging grandparents during the last five years of their life. She helped care for her grandmother battling with advanced-staged Alzheimer's and her grandfather struggling with Diabetes. Carrie is proficient in meal planning and preparation, Dementia care, music therapy, personal care including grooming, bathing, dressing, and housekeeping services. When Carrie is not in the office she enjoys music, quilting, scrap-booking, traveling, and baking. She is expecting her first child in February 2016.

Tiffany Thompson: Davis County Office Manager Tiffany has been working in the cleaning industry for over five years. She knows just about every secret there is when it comes to cleaning tricky surfaces and stains. As a busy mother to three young kids, she knows the importance of going the extra mile to make homes sparkle and noticing those fine details. Tiffany has always had a keen eye for detail and a love for making people happy. She knows the importance of doing a job efficiently and doing it right the first time. These attributes help to make her a success and asset to our company and we love having her on board! When Tiffany is not in the office she enjoys horse training, cooking, relaxing and playing with her many pets!
Clockwise: Jenny, Cristal, Tiffany, Pamela, Carrie and Mimi
Cristal Jones: Our Boise Manager, Cristal has worked as a CNA for over 8 years in a variety of different settings. She is an excellent care-giver and customer service is her number one priority! She has developed a passion for serving the elderly and disabled from the young age of 11 and she continues to make strides in her career of service. The reason she loves working here with Home Comfort Care is that she loves to be a part of an amazing team and make a difference in peoples' lives! When Cristal is not in the office you can find her hanging out with her daughter and family, getting caught up in a good book, hunting, hiking and playing with her pets.

Pamela Hatch: Pamela does an amazing job at running our branch in St. George, UT. With over 20 years of Office Management experience she is a pro at making sure our customers are getting the best service! Pamela has an excellent background in both the cleaning and care-giving industries. Her parents owned a hotel as she was growing up so she has been familiar with the cleaning industry her entire life. In addition to her cleaning experience, Pamela also has her colon hydrotherapy license, massage therapy license and a CNA license. She worked with a homeopathic doctor doing both massage therapy and colon hydrotherapy for several years until her son was born. Pamela is the proud mother of four children and one grandchild. She is a valuable part of our team and we don't know what we'd do without her!

Bear Lake Manager Mimi and St. George Manager Pamela
Mimi Payne: Our spunky Bear Lake Manager is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She moved out to small town Paris, ID. when she met and married the love of her life Richard. Mimi's upbeat and outgoing personality helps to keep her smiling throughout the hectic summer as we clean dozens of rental cabins each week. Mimi loves deep cleaning and is very detail oriented. She has several years of cleaning experience prior to Home Comfort Care in a hospital setting. Mimi loves to make sure all of our clients are taken care of and provides excellent communication and service. Mimi also has a cosmetology licence and she loves all things hair and make-up. She has even been chosen to display her Halloween make-up skills on live TV!