Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5 Benefits of Living in a Clean Home

1.      Sanitation- Sanitizing and cleaning your house with a disinfectant will help kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can hurt your health. Make sure to sanitize your kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and other surfaces that are frequently touched. This will help keep you and others healthy.

2.      Lower Risk of Injury- Keeping an organized and tidy house will help lower the risk of injury. Loose toys, shoes, and other things increase the risk of a fall. Make sure to look for things that could potentially cause injury and remove them or organize them for better flow of the home.

3.      Less Stress- The act of cleaning and having a clean home both reduces stress. Having a clean home makes things easier to find and maneuvering around the house easier. Things like sweeping, doing dishes, and making your bed help your house look and feel cleaner.  It makes you feel so much better during your day.

4.      Reduces Allergies- Many of our friends and family suffer from allergies. Keeping your house clean can help reduce allergies. Cleaning will help remove dust, pet dander and other potential allergens.

5.      Boosts Mood- Having a clean home can help boost your mood. Keeping up on the house can be challenging but in the end it makes you feel good to have a clean home. For example, when you finally want to wind down you won’t feel like you’re have a million things to do.

Keeping up on a home can be overwhelming.  If you need help call us 801-529-7172

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