Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Top 5 questions to ask your Professional Housecleaner

Are you are shopping around for a cleaning company or person to come clean your home?   There are certain things you should know before letting a stranger into your home.  Here are the top 5 questions you should ask any professional or even your neighbor before letting someone into your home. 

1.  Are you Insured, Licensed and Bonded

                If you are shopping around for the best Cleaning Company, make sure they are covered by insurance.  The rate might be a little higher then hiring your neighbor.  But this also insures that if anything happens in the home such as an accident or damage you are not responsible for it.  If you bring in a neighbor and they get hurt your home owners insurance might not be happy to cover the cleaning lady.  If something gets damaged you are in charge of covering the cost.  A good cleaning company will have coverage for all the important items in your home.   

2.  Does the Company supply the Cleaning products

                As a professional cleaning company we bring all the needed supplies for the job.  We do know that some people have allergies or specific requests.  We always ask our clients what they prefer for products used.  Our most common supplies are green friendly.  One thing that we always ask is if the client has their own vacuum.  The vacuum is the most important tool that can spread germs quickly.  If we bring our vacuum, we make sure that it is cleaned out before each use.  We do not want to bring in some one else’s germs or dander.  Cleaning out a vacuum between each client is a huge perk with our company.  If you have your own vacuum, we also clean it out when we are done cleaning.  We want to make sure that your home stays clean and your vacuum stay’s nice and new as long as possible.  It is wise to make sure that the person cleaning your home brings in clean supplies. 

3.  How do I know my house is safe when you enter and leave the house

                Each employee of Home Comfort Care goes through a background check.  Our background check consists of fingerprints, drug test and even a driving record.  We want to make sure that each cleaner professional is just that a professional.  After the background and references come back clean, each cleaner goes through a training session.  We have training sessions and hands on to make sure that each cleaner is actually a true cleaning professional before sending them to your home. 
Each employee signs a Confidential Agreement as part of their employment with our company.  This insures that your personal information and home are safe with us.  We do not let any information outside of our office and cleaning professionals.  Your home is your safe haven and we treat each home with respect. 

4.  What can I expect with a basic cleaning vs. a deep cleaning?

                We customize each client with their own personal profile.  What does that mean?  We ask specific questions about your home and what specific things you would like done when we visit your home.  We then make a customized check off list for our cleaners so that they know what your expectations are with each clean.  We follow up with each cleaning to make sure that you are happy with each clean.  If anything changes or you want to add to your cleaning we can make adjustments.  We have a “Cleaning Checklist” on our website as well that shows the items you can choice from to add to your list.  Each home is different from each other and each client is unique.  We want to make sure that each clean is to the standards of the client.  We take pride in making each clean the best!  We are here to make your life comfortable. 

5.  What is your cancelation policy? 

                At Home Comfort Care we don’t do contracts like other companies.  We understand that sometimes life throws you curves you don’t expect.  We only ask that we are given a 24 hour notice so that we don’t send our cleaners to your home.  We like to make your life comfortable. 


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